Homily, 5th Lent – A Poem on Resurrection Awakening

April 2, 2017


Title: Move the stone away


 The death of a loved one

                        plunges us into sorrow.

            We feel impotent. No words can console.

We question hope.


With sorrow Jesus finds his friend Lazaro

                                    His grave is closed with a stone. A blockage.

                        Stone separates the living and dead

“Why did you not save him?”


Martha pleads, Jesus answers

                        “Did I not promise?

            You will see the power of God”

Her faith awakens.


Jesus calls out: “Take away the stone.”

                        and “he raises his eyes to heaven”

            faith in the mystery of death

stronger than stench and grief


“Lazarus, come out! Bound in wrappings;

                        signs of death

            Yet the dead man is alive.

The dead man is alive.


  What are the “stones” that block our faith?

                        How will our faith awake?

            Shall we “lift our eyes to God

when we encounter death?


4. This is the faith of we who trust Jesus

                        those we bury in death still live

            that resurrection not a distant future

living now, in the communion of the saints,

living now, as we celebrate the Eucharist.



rdueweke  (April 2, 2017)